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So, you’re working hard to make your business a success. You have potential new contracts, a new service or product in the works, and marketing strategies to finalize. Whatever you’re working on, maintaining a clean office may not be top of your priority list. But it is still important.

You may have considered skipping out on hiring a commercial cleaning service for your office, as a form of cost cutting. Choosing instead, to keep the responsibility in-house, however, some things are best left to the professionals.

Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in a commercial office and window cleaning service like Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting to get your workplace into shape.


Professional Cleaning Experience

New Construction Cleaning

Construction workers are notorious for leaving a huge mess in their wake. So any time building work has taken place, there’s bound to be a lot of cleaning that follows. Hiring a commercial cleaning service can remove that burden.

One advantage of turning to the professionals, aside from the obvious ‘so you don’t have to clean up yourself’ reason. Is that they will have the right equipment for the job, and their expertise will lead them to all of the hidden debris invisible to us.

With these services and more, no matter what your cleaning needs, hiring a professional cleaning contractor could be the answer to your prayers.

Commercial Office Cleaning

A more thorough clean

The most obvious reason to clean your office is hygiene. Cleaning gets rid of all those nasty flu germs and various assorted bacteria that would otherwise hang around multiplying and getting everyone sick.

A commercial cleaning service will provide you with professionals that are trained in all the best germ-busting methods in the business. What’s more, is that they will come equipped with industrial strength cleaning products?

These products are often stronger than regular cleaning products and are only safe for use by trained professionals. So if you want them to be used in your offices then a commercial cleaning service is the way to go.

Increased productivity

Keeping the office cleaning in-house will take hours away from tasks that will improve your business services. As a lot of time will need to be redirected towards keeping things clean and organised. Although necessary, a presentable office space will not directly grow your business.

Without the upkeep of the premises to occupy valuable time, you and your team will have more time to spend on developing or marketing the actual products and services offered by your company. Leaving you with higher quality commodities and improved strategies to attract customers. 

Time and money saved

We’re all trying to save time and money. As discussed in the previous point, bringing in the professionals can save a lot of time.

And although seemingly more costly than keeping cleaning efforts close to home. This is one situation where you may need to spend money to make (or in this case, save) money. These savings come in the form of reduced absences from staff members struck down by one of the viruses lurking in their workplace.

Absenteeism costs companies hundreds of pounds per employee every year, so a commercial cleaning service to cut out office germs is well worth the investment.

Improved image

A clean and tidy office is a professional looking office. It doesn’t just look better. A well organised, de-cluttered space is much easier to work in. It won’t just paint the illusion of a more smoothly run establishment, it will also create one.

This is extra important if you often have potential clients visiting. A messy workspace will give the impression of a disorganised organisation that is easily overwhelmed or simply unable to work efficiently.

You’ll be surprised how much of a difference to the appearance of your office a thorough clean makes.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Any business owner knows how important it is to keep a clean image. They also know how difficult it is to find reliable vendors that allow you to focus on your business operations. That’s where Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting comes in…

Our Commercial Window Cleaning Service is perfect for buildings that are a few stories or less. Our window cleaning service is for retail stores, industrial complexes, or even mid-rise commercial buildings. Call today for a free quote.

Pressure Washing

We understand all that entails, which are required to complete the cleaning project in a safe and positive manner. We deliver outstanding commercial pressure washing services for office buildings, retail outlets, shopping stores, hotels, business parks, service stations, and much more. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers. In addition to it, we use the commercial grade pressure washer for commercial cleaning purposes.

The professionals at Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting have all of the right tools and expertise to get the job done thoroughly. Call us today!

A Few of Our Clients

Koch Foods
Crunch Fitness
Feldkamp Enterprises
Gridstone Contstruction
Hills Properties
Savoy at the Streets of West Chester

Commercial Contracting Services

Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting is a full-service general contractor offering build-out and remodeling services for new or existing commercial spaces. From beginning to end, you can count on the team of in-house project managers at Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting to manage every part of your construction project. We make certain, down to the smallest detail, that we meet the highest standards in all aspects of the job. Simply put, we’re the one call that does it all!

Professional Contracting Experience

Deck Staining

Do you have a new deck that needs staining and sealing? Or do you have a deck on your property that has had its finish worn off over time? You can easily have it restored with our deck staining and sealing services. We can make your deck look beautiful once more, but most of all your deck will last years longer when kept properly stained and sealed.

Whether it’s a restaurant patio deck, a second story deck, a front or a deck attached to your workshop, Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting can help you bring it back to a beautiful stained and protected finish. If you’re looking for an affordable, high quality deck staining service contractor, you have come to the right place.

Electrical Services

When you are constructing a new building, you have an idea of how many computers, what kind of lighting is needed, and where you need outlets or internet hook-ups. Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting can make sure the wiring is where you need it in compliance with the latest electrical code.

There are some electrical products and offerings that you may need guidance on, and our certified electricians and masters of electrical services can show you the best options for energy efficient lighting and LEDs, electrical wiring and more. It’s easier to run electrical infrastructure when a building is still down to bare studs than it is when you need to run wires behind drywall.

Saving energy in your commercial office building

Electrical services may advise on saving energy in your commercial building. They may look into some of the following:

  • An efficient lighting system may save a lot of money. Replacing old fixtures with new energy efficient solutions is one effective way to do so.
  • The same goes for old heating systems, make sure that you update them.
  • Consider installing and using solar power or other alternate energy sources


If you are tired of having to fix things on your own around your commercial property, things are not getting fixed because you don’t have time, or you are just not sure how to perform the needed repairs, you are the perfect candidate for Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting.

Instead of taking on the tasks on your own or hiring random people to take care of the repairs within your home or business, we can take care of each task for you. Leave it to the experts, and we’ll ensure your problems are resolved in no time at all. We’re the one call that does it all!


Landscape architecture combines art with science to create amazing results. No matter what size the project – from a large commercial office park, to a small café patio and everything in between – the experienced landscape architects and design professionals at Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting are committed to bringing inspiration to the outdoor space of your small business, corporation or communal property.


There are many add-ons available when landscaping but make sure these are not competing for the attention of the eye. Decks, lighting, rock gardens and water features may all have their place but ensure these are built in harmony to each other.


From residential to commercial, no painting job is too small or large. We are a professional, fully licensed and insured painting contractor company. We work with you and for you to bring your project to life.

We work with Interior Finishes, Exterior Finishes, Woodworking Finishing Services, Taping & Texturing Services, etc.

Pressure Washing

We understand all that entails, which are required to complete the cleaning project in a safe and positive manner. We deliver outstanding commercial pressure washing services for office buildings, retail outlets, shopping stores, hotels, business parks, service stations, and much more. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers. In addition to it, we use the commercial grade pressure washer for commercial cleaning purposes.

The professionals at Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting have all of the right tools and expertise to get the job done thoroughly. Call us today!


Choosing roofing

Most roofs are made up of concrete, clay or asphalt roofing shingles. Architectural Laminated Shingles are a new popular choice. They are multi-layered and have a longer lifespan than the original basic ‘strip shingles’. Laminated shingles last even longer and may have higher solar reflectivity and impact resistance. Metal roofing is easier to maintain but may not have the insulating advantages of asphalt shingles.


When contracting contractors to service or build a roof, ensure you select a quality contractor using these guidelines:

  • Do your research online to ensure you have an understanding of basic offers currently on the market
  • Take the time to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate business with a long term reputation backed up by recommendations from friends or family or social media. If you are not able to obtain those recommendations, the company should be able to provide evidence of quality previous services along with references for you to contact.
  • The contractor should be registered with the relevant construction association or board.
  • You also want to make sure that the contractor has relevant insurance so that you will not be liable for any employee injuries or equipment damage that may take place on your property.
  • A good contractor offers a competitive length of warranty on the finished roof.

Choose Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting for your next commercial roof project.


Some common choices in siding are vinyl, steel or specialty siding. Vinyl siding is very popular today due to its lightweight nature which can be installed directly over your existing siding. It is also low maintenance, comes in an assortment of colors and textures, and is relatively low cost compared to other siding materials. Insulated vinyl siding is fairly new to the market and has a layer of expanded polystyrene foam that provides an insulating value of R-2 to R-6. This will make your office more energy efficient, but it is slightly more costly than regular vinyl siding.

Trust the professionals at Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting to handle your next commercial siding project!.

Tree Work

Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting uses only the most modern equipment when we send out a team to work on a site. We also follow current standards in terms of proper tree trimming and pruning techniques to make sure our standards remain at the highest level possible. It’s important to us.

Got a problem tree, shrub, bush, etc.? Call us today.

Remodels / Additions

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