Residential Cleaning Services

Our modern lifestyles are often fast paced and include to-do lists longer than both of our arms put together. This makes time an increasingly precious commodity. And thorough cleaning can take up a lot of it.

Hiring a cleaning service is no longer a privilege reserved for the rich and famous. Whatever the task, there are many companies out there offering to scrub the dirt away at very a reasonable rate. With so many other things on your plate, can you afford not to outsource some of your cleaning duties?

Cleaning contractors do so much more than stop by once a week to vacuum your living room. There are many reasons people may hire a residential cleaning service.

Professional Cleaning Experience

New Construction Cleaning

Construction workers are notorious for leaving a huge mess in their wake. So any time building work has taken place, there’s bound to be a lot of cleaning that follows. Hiring a cleaning service can remove that burden.

One advantage of turning to the professionals, aside from the obvious ‘so you don’t have to clean up yourself’ reason. Is that they will have the right equipment for the job, and their expertise will lead them to all of the hidden debris invisible to us.

With these services and more, no matter what your cleaning needs, hiring a professional cleaning contractor could be the answer to your prayers.

Residential Cleaning

You could be short on time and need to delegate some of your household chores on a regular basis. Or maybe you hosted a crazy house party and the clean-up requires the talents of a professional. Or maybe, like the majority of us, you just hate cleaning but don’t love living in a pigsty. Hiring a cleaner to clean your home is becoming increasingly common.

It is surprisingly affordable. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is free of dirt and germs thanks to the help of a trained professional, is well worth the price tag.

Rental Property Cleaning

Whether you are a landlord preparing your property for new tenants, or a tenant coming to the end of your lease. This is the time for your place to be at its most spotlessly clean, and that can be a lot of hard work. Especially if you have other things (like moving house) going on.

Over half of deposit disputes involve the cleanliness of the property in some way. A professional cleaning service can help you get your place up to scratch for a reasonable price. And will do everything from dusting to defrosting the fridge in order for you to get that all important cash back.

The service will usually be charged by the hour, so the end price will vary depending on the initial state of the home.

Window Cleaning

You can be sure that our process will not damage glass or window components. Our hand-cleaning technique leave your windows with an unmatched glow and sheen that can’t be found after razor cleaning. We don’t use razor blades because they can scratch and nick your glass, and cause punctures in caulk or putty.

Yes, hand-cleaning takes a little longer, and we work a little harder, but you’ll agree, the results speaks for themselves!

Pressure Washing

Why choose pressure washing?

Sometimes you can scrub and scrub. You can douse soap, bleach, and all manner of detergents onto a surface. Yet still, it won’t come clean. When you find yourself in this situation, it might be time to apply some industrial strength force.

A pressure washer forces out water at a high enough pressure that it blasts away the dirt that is too ingrained to remove by yourself. Awesome. And with all of that power, it is a hell of a lot quicker than scrubbing by hand.

What can be cleaned using a pressure washer?

Pressure washing can be used to restore all manner of things back to their former glory with astounding efficiency.

Almost anything outdoors can be blasted with a pressure washer, decking, garden furniture, your house, your car, your office building. The list goes on.

And they don’t stop at removing natural build ups of mud and mold either. They can rid items of peeling paint, and can even remove graffiti if needed.


Residential Contracting Services

Are you looking for a residential contracting company for a home remodeling project? Maybe you’re building an addition onto your office? Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting is a team-centered company that focuses on the needs of the customer. We have built our flawless reputation by maintaining an excellent relationship with our past clients, thus encouraging them to recommend us to their friends. A few minute phone call to us can provide you with the information you need to begin your next project. What are you waiting for? Call today!

Professional Contracting Experience

Deck Staining

Do you have a new deck that needs staining and sealing? Or do you have a deck on your property that has had its finish worn off over time? You can easily have it restored with our deck staining and sealing services. We can make your deck look beautiful once more, but most of all your deck will last years longer when kept properly stained and sealed.

Whether it’s a pool side deck, a second story deck, a front or back patio deck, or a deck attached to your workshop, Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting can help you bring it back to a beautiful stained and protected finish. If you’re looking for an affordable, high quality deck staining service contractor, you have come to the right place.

Electrical Services

Electrical issue? Doing your own electrical work can lead to fires, bad wiring and potential long term electrical problems. If you are installing new outlets, electrical panels or appliances ensure you are contracting quality and trustworthy services.

Before you contract an electrician, make sure you do your research and look out for the following:

  • Make sure your contractor has up to date certification and is registered with the appropriate professional board.
  • Seek out a quote that is both competitive in price and is detailed about the services you are contracting. Make sure you read the contract thoroughly beforehand and that the cost of the service is clearly stipulate.
  • Look for a company that is highly reputable.
  • Look for a contractor with relevant insurance and proof of insurance. You would not want to pay for any equipment damage or injuries that take place on your property.
  • Make sure you obtain guarantees on the length of the project and of the quality of the equipment the contractor will be using.
  • Test out the depth of knowledge and insight of the contractors.

When should I request electrical servicing?

  1. Whenever you are remodelling your home, you need to ensure that you are correctly rewiring your electrical circuit.
  2. You may need assistance to link up solar energy panels to your electrical circuit.
  3. It is important to upgrade your electrical panels, especially in older homes, to prevent any future problems.
  4. If your electrical panel trips often, ask an electrician to review it.
  5. If you think you need a backup generator to protect you and your family against power-related emergencies.
  6. To install outdoor, indoor or landscape lighting appropriately.
  7. To install outlet wiring properly.
  8. To install ceiling fans.
  9. It is best to allow electricians to professionally install household items that draw major energy consumptions such as hybrid car chargers.

Electrical Safety Measures

Electrical services provide assistance in assuring a building has all necessary electrical safety measures. Consider the following safety features that may not yet be protecting you from possible injuries:

  • Child proofing
  • Surge protection
  • Replacing old wiring

What can you expect from a safety / electrical inspection?

  • Inspection of main electrical panels
  • Sizing of circuit breakers
  • Testing the reliability of circuit breakers
  • Electrical grounding (prevents people from coming into contact with electrical hazards)
  • GFCI (“ground fault circuit interrupter” that is a type of breaker providing protection from electric shock. It may shut circuits off when it detects a leak)
  • Inspection of smoke detectors (you should have smoke detectors in every room of your house. Newer, safer ranges of smoke detectors include wireless smoke detectors, WiFi smoke detectors that connects to your iPhone or other remote device and Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide combos)

Saving energy in your home

Electrical services may advise on saving energy in your home. They may look into some of the following:

  • An efficient lighting system may save a lot of money. Replacing old fixtures with new energy efficient solutions is one effective way to do so.
  • The same goes for old heating systems, make sure that you update them.
  • Consider installing and using solar power or other alternate energy sources


If you are tired of having to fix things on your own around your home, things are not getting fixed because you don’t have time, or you are just not sure how to perform the needed repairs, you are the perfect candidate for Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting.

Instead of taking on the tasks on your own or hiring random people to take care of the repairs within your home or business, we can take care of each task for you. Leave it to the experts, and we’ll ensure your problems are resolved in no time at all.


Landscaping is one of the best ways to enhance a garden, residential home or commercial office area. Adding nature to the design of a space is uplifting and peaceful as well as trendy. Landscaping can be done DIY, or by contract. Landscaping architects are well-versed in environmentally sustainable and stylish landscaping designs, suited specifically to their client’s taste. The following are some points that are necessary to consider during landscaping:

Soil type

Different soils will produce different qualities in your greenery. The right soil will provide all the nutrients and moisture retention that your plants need to flourish. To forgo soil analysis may be extremely costly in the long run. At a brief glance you will be able to tell if your soil type is ‘sandy’ – very porous, ‘clay’ – shiny and sticky, or the ideal ‘silt’ – denser than sand but lighter than clay. Soil pH also affects plant growth and landscape designers might make different plant selections based on the pH of the soil.

Water conservation

A major factor contributing to water conservation is the right selection of flora. It is a great mistake to choose plants and flowers based on their beauty and popularity alone. If a plant is exotic, it is simply not suitable to the bio-environment and will take more water to maintain. Another method of water conservation in landscaping is the design and form of the plants and features. Rainwater may be cleverly harvested with ponds or even with the shape of the garden, maximising rain usage within the garden. Make sure when watering your garden that you do so as early as possible in the morning to avoid unnecessary evaporation, allowing as much as possible to sink deep into the soil.

Selecting your plants

Remember as mentioned to select plants that are indigenous to your area and appropriate to your soil. Ensure you also research what the lighting requirements are for your space and whether the space you have available is suited to their needs. Aesthetically, what affect are you looking for with your plants? Dark and shady? Or maybe bright and colourful? Try to pick plants that have either similarly shaped leaves or have good contrast, know it is possible for plants to clash in their colour and type! Adding plants of different heights or in descending levels also adds huge aesthetic value. If you do not trust your artist eye, contact a landscaping designer. Another point to consider is the fragrance of the garden that you are wanting to achieve. Try to explore which scents best achieve the atmosphere you are trying to create, be it professional or warmly hospitable. The lifespan of your plants and the maintenance required is another thought point. Think about the cost involved in maintaining the plant as well as the season of the plant to ensure that you will be able to keep the plants for at least two seasons or more.


There are many add-ons available when landscaping but make sure these are not competing for the attention of the eye. Decks, lighting, rock gardens and water features may all have their place but ensure these are built in harmony to each other.


Painting a home is a massive undertaking and an expensive one. There are number of areas that need to be considered to ensure that your investment is a well made one.

#1 Type of Paint

If you are painting your home from top to bottom including the roof, siding, garage door and walls you may require different types of paint for different surfaces.   If you are going for white and using an accent color like yellow or blue that might make your life a lot easier as white come standard irrespective of the type of paint you may need. Going for a more fashionable darker color will be more expensive if the brand of paint you are using doesn’t offer the same color across different paint types. Enamel paint dries to a glossy hard wearing surface perfect for gutters, metal gates etc and anything exposed to extreme weather conditions. They are easy to clean and mostly resistant to staining.  Enamel paint now comes in both oil and water bases.

#2 When to Paint

Different surfaces and types of paint require different temperatures.   For example if you have a vinyl siding you need to wait for the right weather conditions which are mild temperature, overcast and with low humidity.  This will ensure that the paint will adhere to the vinyl and not peel off later on.  A good rule to keep in mind is if clothes are not drying on the line, neither will paint.

#3 Primers or Undercoat

For almost all surfaces you will need a primer or undercoat.  If you are repainting your parent’s old garden furniture for your new home, you will first need to sand to create a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to.

#4 Tools

Painting is a messy job irrespective of how manufactures have altered their containers to make it easier and mess free. So drag out some used clothing from the charity pile and get your other tools ready. You will need a ladder, drop cloths, paint trays, brushes and rollers. If you know that you’re not going to get through everything in one day you can save on wastage by placing your paint tray in a plastic bag. When you’re ready to leave you just turn the plastic bag onto its self and ensure it touches the paint so that it doesn’t dry out. Brushes you can treat the same way. But there is an added trick. By tying a plastic bag with rubber bands to the handle you create a fan effect where you hand is protected from sprays.

#5 Coats

You may think you can get away with one coat. Don’t go there. You will always need two coats on whatever you are painting.

If all of this sounds like too much hard work then contact a reputable paint contractor like Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting.

Pressure Washing

Cleaning, in general, can be hard work. Especially cleaning objects that live outdoors, in all weather. But there are some jobs that require more than elbow grease alone to complete.

This is where we welcome, the pressure washer!

What is a pressure washer?

A pressure washer is a machine that uses a high-pressure spray mechanism in order to loosen and remove all types of hard to remove dirt and grime from concrete, buildings, and other items made of resilient materials such as garden furniture, swimming pools or fencing.

They are available for purchase from most good DIY stores, however, for anything bigger than the smallest cleaning jobs, it is probably wiser to call a professional cleaning service.

How does it work?

It works by mechanically spraying water with such speed that the force removes any unwanted filth that has built up. Sometimes over years.

The results can be very impressive and you may find yourself looking at your house and wondering when the bricks turned red? Because they were definitely always brown before right?

Why choose pressure washing?

Sometimes you can scrub and scrub. You can douse soap, bleach, and all manner of detergents onto a surface. Yet still, it won’t come clean. When you find yourself in this situation, it might be time to apply some industrial strength force.

A pressure washer forces out water at a high enough pressure that it blasts away the dirt that is too ingrained to remove by yourself. Awesome. And with all of that power, it is a hell of a lot quicker than scrubbing by hand.

What can be cleaned using a pressure washer?

Pressure washing can be used to restore all manner of things back to their former glory with astounding efficiency.

Almost anything outdoors can be blasted with a pressure washer, decking, garden furniture, your house, your car, your office building. The list goes on.

And they don’t stop at removing natural build ups of mud and mold either. They can rid items of peeling paint, and can even remove graffiti if needed.

That all sounds great. How can I get a piece of the action?

Although they are readily available for home use, pressure washers are dangerous tools. They must be used with great care and attention. And if you lack experience or have a big job to do it is best to hire a cleaning service.

A professional like Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting will have all of the right tools and expertise to get the job done thoroughly, and without hurting themselves or anyone else. There may also be a surface that needs to be cleaned in a specific way so as to avoid damaging it. So if you’re not sure, don’t try to go it alone.


Before we get started on cleaning siding we should clarify what it is. Siding is attached to the exterior of the house to protect the walls from weather, allow water to slide off and for insulation.

Now we know what it is we can discuss what it can be made from. Siding comes in a number of materials such as wood, vinyl, cement board (hardie planks) and stucco.  We will be addressing how best to clean each of the different types of siding.


Wood that has been treated or painted can easily be cleaned using bleach and water and a hard bristle brush. This one requires quite a bit of elbow grease. However professional cleaners will use a power cleaner that will effectively get rid of the buildup of mold and algae. Mold is the little black dots that are actually spores that look a little like black hundreds and thousands. Algae on the other hand is green and can be a little slimy.


Vinyl is a wonder material as its uses go from construction, billboards, and flooring to wall adhesives etc.

Even though vinyl is an easy to install, cost effective and durable material it still requires some maintenance.  Carefully inspect your siding and focus on the more shady areas as this is more prone to mold and algae. Over and above these two problems, vinyl also attracts dust like crazy and is prone to staining without regular cleaning.

There are many cleaners that can be purchased at your local hardware but if you have stubborn stains it’s best to call the professionals in to deal with it.

Hardie Planks

Hardie planks are a composite cement material which doesn’t shrink or warp etc., but it does still require maintenance.  Much like wood, if they have been treated or painted you can use a diluted soapy mixture with a soft cloth to wipe in the direction of the boards, working from the top to the bottom to remove the accumulated dirt.  For more stubborn mildew and algae you might want to use a high pressure cleaner. Before you do, see the note below.  A word of caution, hardie boards are likely to paint oxidation. If you run our hand over the siding and color comes off onto your hand it’s time for a paint job.


Stucco is plaster which is porous and somewhat fragile. Care needs to be taken when cleaning this material.  Before getting started look for cracks. These need to be repaired and allowed to dry.  Water can get into the cracks and damage the fabric of the building.  Stucco is not smooth which allows easy places for dust and mold to attach. Getting a professional cleaner like Crystal Clear Cleaning & Contracting in will ensure you don’t create worse problems for yourself.

Note:  When contacting professionals who will use pressure hoses to clean your siding check their references.  This is very important because if the incorrect pressure is used it can damage the structure and interior of the building.

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